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The airfare and service fee increases plus the economic difficulties, have both led to the sharp fall in the number of travelers. A lot of travel firms in Ho Chi Minh City have decided to design “economy tours” with low costs in order to retain clients.

Short distance tours will be less costly than long distance ones

Tourism belongs to one of the most successful stories which occurred in the Mekong region over the last 15 years.

The recent Mekong Tourism Forum hosted in Pakse confirmed the rising interest for this part of Asia. Over 250 participants came to the Southern Laotian city. “It is a significant number of participants as Pakse is not always that easy to reach compared to larger cities. But we believe that one of our tasks at the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) is to promote also secondary destinations,” said Mason Florence, Executive Director for the MTCO.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) said it will attend seven international tourism fairs in 2011, instead of 10 in 2010. Also, the tourism management agency plans to more closely cooperate with airlines to make tourism promotion programs at trade fairs more effective.

VNAT”s General Director, Nguyen Van Tuan has said on Thoi bao Kinh te Saigon that VNAT will only participate in some most important trade fairs which can help much in popularizing Vietnam travel and provide big exchange opportunities to travel firms. Tuan said that the decision has been made in order to cut down expenses in the current difficult period.

Like other property segments, entertainment property projects play an important role in the market as it, besides bringing profits for developers and offering services to communities, will support significantly to the development of the Vietnam travel industry.

Thanks to having developed large-scale theme parks, some countries have become more popular in tourists’ hearts and minds, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

However, developing entertainment projects with support facilities attractive enough to lure local and international visitors is a problem that requires adequate investment and market research for most property developers.

A dozen of sea festivals are organized in Vietnam, in the names of culture-sports-tourism week, sea tourism week, sea festivals, etc. However, these festivals cannot create their uniqueness.

Among sea festivals in Vietnam, only the Nha Trang Sea Festival is a famous and competitive brand. Other events in northern and central Vietnam fail to make its own impression on foreign tourists.

The information that airlines have raised the airfares for domestic routes is really bad news, not only to passengers who have to pay more money to fly, but also to ticket booking agents and travel firms. Booking agents fear they do not have enough money for deposit, while Vietnam travel firms dare not book tickets at preferential prices.

Binh Thuan province is trying to attract more travelers and upgrade the infrastructure items in the “Russian village” of Mui Ne. Meanwhile, businessmen and service providers are taking time to learn Russian in the four-month low season of receiving Russian travelers.

Thirty to forty percent of foreign tourists to the southern province of Binh Thuan are Russian, and 95 percent of them go to Ham Tien – Mui Ne water area.

In recent years, people always use the nick name “Russian village”, instead of “resort capital” when talking about Ham Tien – Mui Ne in Phan Thiet City of Binh Thuan province, a famous destination of Vietnam tour. If someone goes to resorts, guest houses, bars, restaurants, shops drug stores in Ham Tien and Mui Ne, he would hear Russian words among visitors.

Some articles have exaggerated when reporting that Vietnam craft village tourism is now in “death throes”. However, it is true that many craft villages have been in misfortune.

Most Vietnam craft villages still cannot attract visitors…

Many tourists do not know what to do when they are carried by Vietnam travel firms to the craft villages, where they cannot see anything showing that these are “craft villages” except for signboards hung over the village’s entrance. Luckier tourists may have the chance to visit real craft villages.

Based Samurai Tours will take Vietnam travel firms to Japan to assess the impact after March’s natural disaster as part of a plan to regain the trust of local travelers.

Nguyen Van Thanh, sales manager of Samurai Tours, told the Daily that from May 30 to June 6, the company would take 12 to 15 local tour operators to familiar tourist attractions of Vietnamese travelers in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.